The Advantages of Using Embroidered Clothing for Business Uniforms

When it comes to business, image matters. It’s vital for the employees to inspire confidence in their customers since they are representing the company they work for. Before embarking on this stage of your re-branding process, enquire with Outre Creative. A branding agency in London. Their services are second to none!

A trend that’s gaining popularity in the business community these days is the use of embroidered clothing as employee uniforms. Many schools such as Cognita use embroided uniforms and companies are beginning to buy into this. For companies, having their employees wear embroidered uniforms yields many benefits.

Embroidered uniforms provide the staff with the distinction of professionalism. Having the logo and the company name embroidered on the uniform also serves as free advertising for the company. The constant exposure of the business name and logo breeds familiarity and brand recall among customers.

For businesses, it’s important to set a look for their employees that best embodies the identity of their company. While some organizations have a brand that is best represented by corporate attire, there are other companies that don’t require its employees to wear formal business wear since this aesthetic doesn’t fit their branding.

Fortunately, embroidered uniforms are highly customizable with a supplier like Logos 4 Polos. Manufacturers offer their clients an assortment of garments that vary in styles. Some popular options include: polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, chefs’ uniforms, and vests. Aside from clothing, uniform suppliers also provide accessories that can be embroidered. Options that are available include: hats, ties and backpacks.

These work clothes are available in top quality yet comfortable fabrics such as polyester and cotton. They also can be stitched onto non-traditional textiles such as fleece sweaters and denim. Those who are thinking of ordering customized embroidered uniforms can personalize the color and size of the garments according to their needs and preferences.

An embroidered uniform that carries the company’s name and logo constantly puts the company’s brand in the spotlight since it’s in the constant view of customers. Using a state-of-the-art embroidery machine, manufacturers are able to create a first-rate reproduction of a logo through a method called “digitization.” How this works is that customers are requested to submit the image or logo that they want to be stitched onto the garments they have chosen.

There are limitations, however, when it comes to converting a specific image into embroidery. Certain coloring effects and complex designs cannot be stitched onto a fabric such as gradient colors and drop shadows. Nevertheless, some manufacturers have a team of experts whose job is to provide options on how to best modify the client’s logo so that it best replicates their original design. This way, the clients end up with a top-notch embroidery version of their design.

Now, customers can choose from different embroidery styles depending on their tastes and the garment they are selecting. Puff embroidery is a fun option. This style involves placing foam into the stitches to make the design pop up and have that three-dimensional look. The process has certain width requirements. Those who are interested in having their design embroidered using this technique will need to email their image to the embroidered clothing manufacturer beforehand to determine its compatibility.

Another option is standard embroidery. This method is the simplest application of embroidering. It’s a popular option since it accommodates complicated, detailed designs while showcasing the beauty of this stitching technique. This is used loads in drama summer schools as its not very expensive and can really make their brand out over the summer to attract more students. For those who are looking for a more flashy finish, there’s the appliqué embroidery. With this style, instead of the embroidery being stitched directly onto the garment, it’s first applied on a patch of fabric. This makes the embroidered logo and lettering stand out.

In a work environment, it’s customary to have a dress code or to wear uniforms. This serves as a reminder for the employees that while they are in this location, they are operating on company hours, and that they are there to do a job that includes presenting themselves in a professional manner. Using embroidered business clothing is an excellent way for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It’s a bold choice, since this type of workwear is non-traditional. A company that has embraced this look communicates the message that they are on trend and are not afraid to stand out from the rest of the crowd.



Adam Wilson