Why do startups or small businesses need digital marketing?


Nowadays, many people are aspiring to set-up their own business and earn additional income. Along with the continuous use the Internet, this eventually led to the development of marketing methods that utilize a new avenue called digital marketing.

If a starting business owner wants to improve the chances of their endeavor being noticed by other people, it is obvious that they need to advertise their business name as well as their products and services well. Unfortunately, “older” marketing techniques such as placing ads on the newspaper or distributing flyers don’t seem to be as effective anymore. This is why it is necessary to utilize the Web as an avenue to promote the business.

If you’re not yet satisfied with using a digital media SEO agency to introduce your business, these reasons may convince you on why it should be done:

  • It lets you reach more people more easily. – While traditional marketing methods can reach out to a huge number of people, digital marketing can do this in a much shorter period of time. With the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, any marketing material for your business is easily disseminated to your contacts or their networks. The “like” or “share” functions also serve as leverage to your marketing efforts.
  • Digital marketing techniques help small businesses get found by interested individuals. – Another advantage that digital marketing can give starting businesses would be targeted advertising. The Web tries to match the keywords that other users are searching and the keywords found in the ads that you’re running. Once another person searches using similar keywords, the Web point them to your amazing website created by Outre Creative. This “contextual” nature of the Internet makes it easier for small businesses to be found by prospective customers.
  • Digital marketing costs less than traditional marketing methods. – Giving out flyers or getting your ads published on materials such as newspapers or magazines are quite costly compared to posting your business message over the Internet. Since you do not need to think about materials and costs for printing, the money that can be used in traditional marketing may be used for improving your business operations instead. Plus, something like a great promotional video from a video marketing agency like Red Pill, will stay on your website and social media profile for over a year before needing a
  • Digital marketing makes it easier to keep track of results. – What makes digital marketing enticing is that, unlike in traditional marketing, it is easier to track the result of your marketing campaign, which is useful in helping you determine which methods should be continued and which ones should be dropped. This will help minimize wasted efforts just to get your business noticed.

Numerous digital marketing methods are available for everyone. Be one of the entrepreneurs who introduce their businesses over the Internet – this might be what you need in order to start earning.… Click to read more...

5 Things You Mustn’t Do While On A Sales Call

sales-callOne: Never argue. Remember that although the customer may not be right, they can never be wrong. No one wants to be wrong so even if they are obviously wrong, find a way to say so without calling them a liar. Allow them to figure this out for themselves and you won’t offend them.

Two: Leave your own opinion behind. This is especially important when you’re dealing with something that may be religious oriented or politically oriented. You may have strong convictions about something, but you don’t have to share them. You want to win the sale, not make an enemy. If they disagree you can make a mortal enemy. Even if you’re a Strong Christian and want everyone to know, this isn’t the time. Never share it unless you discover that that is a common thread with the customer and it will help the cause.

Three: Never dis the competition. It isn’t needed and you need to show respect even if you don’t like the competition. It’s important to know your own product as well as the product of the competition, but you need to keep focus on what you’re selling. If you spend time dissing the competition you’ll wind up selling their product. Don’t even bring it up, simply tout your own product and its benefits.

Four: You don’t need to oversell. If you tout your product and give it credit where credit isn’t due, you’re overselling. You need to state facts that can be backed up with proof. If you’re telling customers what they want to hear and it isn’t true, you not only risk losing a sale, you also risk a lawsuit. Avoid wild claims and stick to the facts.

Five: Never pretend you have authority if you don’t. You’ll find that if you do this you’re going to wind up overstepping your bounds. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver such as a steep discount or coupon. Remember, if you can’t deliver, you’ll lose the sale. It’s simply not worth the effort to lie and tell someone that you can when you can’t. Worse, the potential customer can relay this back to other potential customers and you may wind up losing more potential sales.

It’s important to do your sales calls right. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression so make it count. Remember that you might be able to find more things to avoid during your sales calls, but these are vital points to remember at all times. Never do these during a sales call.… Click to read more...