Females – Not Advised to Take Finasteride Hair Loss Treatment

Baldness has been the top cosmetic concern in the country. This mostly happens with men. And as the problem increases, remedies and medicine also increases. For one, the Food and Drug Association approved the topical ointment named Rogaine. Men and women can take this. Next is Propecia, this is widely used as a finasteride hair loss treatment. Only men can take this. Another is Proscar, which was initially developed to only contain five milligrams of finasteride dosage. This is the average dose and has been used to treat prostate enlargement in men since 1992. This can also treat prostate cancer with higher dosages, while lower dosages like one milligram can be used as a finasteride hair loss treatment. And this method has been showing success. On the other hand, even if its low in dosage, this drug is not advisable for women since it can cause birth defects especially if the women is pregnant or is suspected to be pregnant.

Instead of buying Propecia which is more expensive than Proscar, customers buy Proscar and just cut the pills into small sizes for the appropriate dosages of the finasteride hair loss treatment. Keep in mind that even low dosages should not be taken by women. Once taken, there is an immediate risk of birth defects during pregnancy. Studies show that finasteride hair loss treatment in women are unsuccessful. However, the study was done on post-menopausal women which means that their hair loss is Buy Testoprime  attributed to low estrogen levels..

Propecia: Reduces Transformation to DHT

An enzyme that converts testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone is said to be the cause of male baldness. This causes the hair follicles to stop growing. And finasteride hair loss treatment can decrease this. Studies show that once finasteride hair loss treatment has started, DHT is not increasing. Hair loss problems will worsen as years go by, and patients are advised to take finasteride forever. However, manufacturers believe that other remedies out there or remedies to come will somehow discontinue the life-long usage of finasteride.

Finasteride hair loss treatment is not advised for life-long usage because it also has a few side effects in men. Less than one percent experiences swelling or soreness in the breast while one percent suffers from erectile dysfunction. Side effects also diminishes when the use of the drug stops. On the other hand, one good effect of using finasteride for hair loss is the reduced chance of prostate cancer and enlargement.