Launching The Dream

The opportunity has arrived to be daring.

Without precedent for my life – each of its 22 years – I awaken today with this insane ass conviction. Assuming I can simply get myself in that van, I could have a chance…to make it conceivable.

Today the entryway opens. The perfection of three years of deranged drive toward a solitary objective. To escape this scary place and get my band, Divine Weeks, on visit. It’s all I’ve pondered the most recent three years, wandering off in fantasy land in class and working out fanciful event dates. Working at my austere crap day work, rearranging papers ordinary, assisting rich men with getting more extravagant while my fantasy simply passes on there sitting tight for me to hold onto it.

We’ve gone through the most recent couple of days scrambling around. Gathering contact data of groups, advertisers and press to call and radio broadcasts to drop in on. To the Price Club to purchase peanut butter and jam, bread and Cheerios in mass. Down to Venice Beach to purchase a lot of taken calling cards. Then, at that point, to Guitar Center with a fanciful story concerning how we’re going vclub on an exceptionally high-profile visit promising to play only on anything gear we can trick off them. Worked as well. Gave us some drum skins, a few cymbals, a pile of guitar strings, fix strings. The smarmy senior supervisor then, at that point, gathers every one of us and snaps our photo with one of their nitwit agents who has on with regards to the goofiest smile you can envision.

Tom Hasse will be here in only a couple to get me so we can go lease the van. Nobody will lease to us since not even one of us have a charge card, and we are in general under 25. Our companion Ron Jolly, a dispatch, turned us on to his specialist who told us the best way to disengage the van’s odometer so we can save money on mileage charges. You get something like 500 free miles, so the arrangement is we’ll go to about the 600-mile imprint and afterward detach the thing. After the repairman lets us know how to get it done, we were all very satisfied with ourselves until he goes to us and says, “Yet you all know it’s a Federal wrongdoing, right?”