Online Surveys for Movie Buffs and Gamers

Escape to another world and forget about your worries. That’s how most of us enjoy spending our free time; melting away into the fun and fantasy that comes along with the latest blockbuster movie, action-packed video game, or adrenaline-pumping sports event. In a tough economy and with unforgiving ticket and concession prices, taking paid surveys is a great way for movie buffs and gamers to fund their little entertainment habits! Plus, it is very personally satisfying to know that input and insights provided have helped create or re-tool products for all consumers.

Marketing companies that work with the movie industry are always looking for certain demographic groups to either screen movies, watch movie trailers (previews) and give detailed vip168 feedback. Who knows, your opinions about an up-and-coming movie could have an impact on the actual scenes that you see when it is finally released to the theater! Also, sharing information about the products you buy, the media you watch, your income level, and other demographic information helps marketing execs decide how, when and where to advertise the film. There are also many “mystery shopping” assignments for theaters where you are assigned to enter a cinema, count the number of people in the audience, describe the quality of the theater’s sound, screen and surroundings and more.

Online surveys for gamers revolve around the entire gaming experience. This might include questions that inquire what platforms you prefer (such as computers, consoles or handhelds) to your favorite gaming genres (such as action games, puzzle games, or multi-player online games). More than 65-percent of American households play video games and it’s not just the kids – the average age of a gamer is 35 years! So, other members of your family may be asked to give feedback on paid surveys about video games. Other marketing activities such as voting on which game cover artwork you like best or ranking the importance of video game features are other assignments you could receive through online surveys. A lucky few are sometimes invited to actually test out various video games at home before they are released to the general public.