The Real Price of Carlson’s Fish Oil

Carlson’s is a very popular brand of cod liver oil, and fish oil. It usually comes in bottle form as opposed to capsules, and this says a lot right away about the expectations you should have for this brand.


Carlson’s is going to be around twenty-five to thirty dollars for a 500 ml bottle, or even more if you don’t buy online. The value here depends on the dosage you need to take–whether you know this dosage–and your willingness and ability to precisely measure this amount on a regular basis.

Some of the highest quality, precisely measured and refined omega-3 sources are available in comparable amounts from fifteen to twenty dollars, providing a better balance and dosage of DHA and EPA. The most important thing to avoid here is a high dosage, as most risks and warnings are ProBiology Gut Dosage associated with daily input of over 3 grams.

People who use liquid oil supplements tend to consume more than those who use a capsule form.

Already we need to ask why this supplement is not in capsule form. It seems like simple convenience would suggest that we want to take precisely the same amount everyday and not guess at our dosage.

Some consumers prefer to sprinkle oil over their food rather than take large capsules. This is totally understandable and may be one of the reasons Carlson’s has chosen to manufacture this product in this way.

Then again, it may simply be because the product is cheaper to manufacture, and easy to mark-up because more low-grade oil will fit into a bottle than into a bottle full of capsules.

Lemon Flavor?

Most flavorings are added to fish oil in order to cover up a fishy taste. High quality fish oils do not have this fishy taste, but still offer all of the health benefits. Remember this when experiencing that “great lemon taste!”

Remember also that a fishy taste is often indicative of rancid fish oil which causes serious disease and stomach upset. Finding a fresh, pure source of fish oil is critical to avoiding this problem. The last thing you want is a strong lemon flavor preventing you from determining the product’s freshness.

In conclusion, there are three important factors about this brand: